With this piece I am trying to address the egotistical and self-obsessed nature of our culture today and how the modern development of the personality and self-identity are now being developed through video and other electronic means. We have grown-up looking at ourselves through the camera, creating a image of ourselves that is edited to create our own “perfect” representation of ourselves. Nowadays, social media is apart of everyday life, with social sites such as Instagram and Facebook where our faces, opinions and overall image is exposed to many people at one time.

Based on idea’s from Jacques Lacan’s essay, ” The Mirror Stage As Formative of the Function of the I as Revealed in Psychoanalytic Experience (1934),” and on Freud’s “Personality Theory”.  Lacan analyzes the human ego and our fascination with our own image. Stating that mirror’s help us develop a sense of self-identity, by going through several phases when gazing at ourselves in a mirror which leads to self-recognition and narcism. Relating to that is Freud’s theory on the human personality, stating that are personality is made up of three separate parts, the id, sorting instant gratification, ego, the realistic side to the personality and finally the superego, operated on the moral principle.

This video displays myself looking at a webcam, gazing at the viewer and my surroundings. You will occasionally see images of my face duplicated, revealing the different sides or “ego’s” to my personality. There are duplicates of me on either side of the screen staring at one another as if gazing into a mirror. The viewer will get a sense of the self-obsession in the piece and the curiosity in oneself.


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